Backcountry Fun and Ride

Six hours of endorphin pumping good times with exhilarating panoramas! Access unlimited terrain ranging from steep and strict to open and dreamy under the leadership of a seasoned guide and immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the Araucanía Andina while enjoying the best conditions of the day. During the ascent you will learn about the native trees including the Araucaria “Monkey Puzzle” tree reaching up to 168 feet high with a genetic history dating back 240 million years and the oldest one in the world scientifically aged at 1021 years in the nearby Conguillio National Park. Alpine ski tours will include a retrospective on the geological history of the surrounding volcanos, many of which are still active. Crisp cold days and powder turns on untouched faces abound from mid July to mid September with an incredible harvest of velvet and corn until late October for those more in favor of warmer and longer days. Fun is the focus so push your limits a little or max out a day of making glory turns! 




  • Private transportation

  • Box Lunch

  • Insurance

$130.000 P/P (Group discounts)

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